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Kerri Smith
Kerri Smith
Kerri Smith
Kerri Smith
Kerri Smith
Kerri Smith

Common Sense & Fiscal Conservative

In government, business, or personal matters, it is much more cost-effective to address root cause instead of simply treating symptoms. South Carolina is one of the fastest growing states in the country, and the growing pains we are experiencing are real and being felt by all. We need leaders who are willing to collaborate strategically with fellow legislators, citizens, and state agencies to find reasonable, cost-effective solutions to ease these burdens and proactively prepare for future growth. 


Growth & Infrastructure

South Carolina has been fortunate to attract many large corporations because of our workforce, quality of life, and lower cost of living. However, our state has fallen short in adequately planning for the growth we are experiencing. Critical infrastructure such as roads, internet access, utilities, healthcare, and schools lags significantly behind due to a lack of foresight and effective leadership. Addressing these shortcomings is crucial to ensuring that our state's prosperity is sustained and benefits all residents.


Small Business

Small Businesses are key to a strong local and national economy. As a previous business owner, I know first-hand the challenges faced by business owners. I am committed to collaborating with fellow legislators to pinpoint barriers hindering the establishment and operation of businesses. Together, we can explore and implement supportive measures to nurture the growth of new and fledgling companies, fostering an environment where businesses can thrive and contribute to a resilient economy.


Healthy Families

Healthy families and children are of utmost importance to a thriving society. Currently, our state grapples with a concerning 17-month waiting list for infant daycare, hindering parents' ability to fully engage in the workforce. Recognizing that children are the cornerstone of our future, it is disheartening to note that in Greenville County alone, over 1,300 children are experiencing homelessness today. Addressing these pressing issues is essential to cultivating a society where families are supported, children are nurtured, and everyone has the opportunity to thrive.



Education stands as the cornerstone to both individual success and a prospering society. I advocate for school choice and broad access for all families because an educated workforce is essential for companies within our state and instrumental in attracting new businesses. Despite the importance of education, a misstep occurred when our state mandated personal financial education for graduation without allocating the necessary funding for the development and implementation of the curriculum. Addressing this oversight is crucial to ensuring that our commitment to education is not only rhetoric but is fully supported with the resources needed for effective implementation.


Law Enforcement

Effectively addressing the challenges posed by drugs like fentanyl and other opioids, as well as the escalating mental health issues in our communities, requires providing our law enforcement with the necessary tools. Currently, our law enforcement agencies are wrestling with recruitment and retention challenges due to disparities in pay, inadequate training, and insufficient community support. I am dedicated to collaborating on initiatives that support our various agencies by ensuring they have the essential tools, training, and funding required to fulfill their crucial roles in maintaining community safety.

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